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SPECIALTIES:   Intelligent Transportation Systems

                     Traffic Management Systems, Roadway Safety

                     Highway Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Systems

                                                            Construction Supervision and Project Management

                                                            Traffic, Electrical, Illuminating, and Civil Engineering  




Carl Shaflik, PEng, has over 30 years experience in the civil and electrical engineering fields for transportation and highways projects.

During the past 25 years, he has specialized in the implementation and deployment designs, as well as construction supervision and inspection, of: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), freeway and expressway traffic management systems, roadway safety systems, traffic signal systems, roadway and area lighting, highway electrical facilities, and highway signing systems.  Furthermore, fully knowledgeable of highway traffic control and electrical systems design standards and construction specifications, he has also undertaken major research and standards development for several government departments most notably, the Transportation Association of Canada, Alberta Transportation, and the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation.  To this end, he has participated as a major team member, and well as team leader, in the development of various design and construction manuals for a multitude of government departments and ministries, including: the Electrical and Traffic Engineering Design Manual, the Highway Guide Signing Design Manual, the Electrical and Signing Materials Standards, and the Electrical and Signing Construction Standards for the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation. 

Carl Shaflik has over 20 years experience in construction engineering and project management of transportation projects including, cost analyses, construction estimates, and financial accountability.  He is also fully conversant with FIDIC conditions and contract documents.

Earlier in his career Carl Shaflik has worked as a designer and drafter in the production of traffic and electrical related engineering designs; worked as a legal and engineering surveyor; and has undertaken construction layout.

Carl Shaflik’s commitment to excellence is demonstrated by his decision to return to university as a part-time graduate student and pursue a Master of Engineering Degree in Transportation Engineering and Construction Management, specializing in ITS.  This choice of specialties directly coincides with his unique combination of traffic and electrical engineering experience to provide superior service to advanced highway and transportation infrastructure construction projects.




·                     Oversee – as well as directly develop – the implementation and deployment designs, construction engineering, and project management of traffic engineering, roadway safety engineering, and ITS disciplines for transportation infrastructure construction projects.

·                     Act as Engineer of Record and Construction Engineer for traffic and electrical engineering disciplines of transportation infrastructure construction projects.

·                     Liaise with consultants, contractors, product suppliers, manufacturers, project owners and clients, government agencies, third party stakeholders, and in-house personnel.

·                     Coordinate design and construction work under FIDIC conditions.

·                     Review and provide comprehensive reporting of all Traffic Engineering Systems.

·                     Conduct research, studies, surveys, technical analyses, and report writing.




             EMPLOYER:            Shaflik International Inc                                                2004 - on

                                    Whistler, BC, Canada  


 Position:                      President                                             



                                                Shaflik Engineering Ltd                                              1975 - 2004

                                    Burnaby, BC, Canada  


                                      Position:                       Vice-President, Engineering                                              1980 - 2004

                                                                                                                       Senior Project Engineer                                                   1994 - 2003

                                                                                                                       Senior Project Manager                                                 1987 - 1994

                                                                                                                       Project / Construction Manager                                       1984 - 1987

                                                                                                                       Senior Designer / Technician                                            1979 - 1984

                                                                                                                       Engineering Designer / Drafter                                         1975 - 1979


                                                                                                                                               SECONDMENTS FOR INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS:

                                                LEA International                                                     Ontario, Canada

                                                Louis Berger Group                                                  New Jersey, USA

                                                Kampsax A/S (COWI A/S)                                       Copenhagen, Denmark

                                                Wilbur Smith Associates                                         South Carolina, USA

                                                Japan Overseas Consultants                                    Tokyo, Japan

                                                Danish Road Directorate                                        Copenhagen, Denmark

                                                Trow International                                                  Ontario, Canada

                                                SNC – Lavalin                                                           Quebec, Canada

                                                Snowy Mountains Engineering (SMEC)                Cooma, Australia

                                                                                                                                                Position:                       Senior Foreign Traffic Engineer

                                                                                                                                                                                    (E&M and Roadway Safety Systems)




            EMPLOYERS:            Aplin & Martin Engineering Ltd                             1974 -1975

                                                McElhanney Surveying and Engineering Ltd        1972 -1973


                Position:                       Surveyor / Instrument Person







BASc             Civil Engineering, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC                       1995

Course          National ITS Architecture Course, Virginia Tech, Washington DC                     2000

Courses        MASc, Transportation Engineering and Construction Management

                     (ITS Specialty), University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC                  in progress

Courses        Computer Programming, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC                      1987

Courses        Computer Programming, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC                      1984

Course          Traffic Signal Systems, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois                       1980






Member      APEGBC, Assoc of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia

Member           Member      APEGGA, Assoc of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists of Alberta

Member      IESNA,  Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

                        - IESNA Roadway Lighting Committee / Tunnel Lighting Sub-committee           

Member      TAC,  Transportation Association of Canada

Member      ITS Canada,  Intelligent Transportation Systems Society of Canada

Member      IMSA,  International Municipal Signal Association

Member      CEBC,  Consulting Engineers of British Columbia

Resisted with:   Asian Development Bank (ADB) – Consultant Code 018156

                        Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

                        African Development Bank (AfDB) – Registration No. 00077259




CITIZENSHIP             Canadian            Irish               European Union



LANGUAGES                    Speaking       Reading         Writing

                         English:               Excellent          Excellent          Excellent

                         Mandarin:             Poor                 Fair                   Fair





British Columbia Driver Information Display System  -  A History of Development                  1999


Integration of the Field Components of Intelligent Transportation Systems 

Design Considerations for a Freeway Traffic Management System                                            1997


Traffic Signal Detector Locations  -  Proper Positioning Increases Efficiency & Safety                1996


Light Pollution  -  Environmental Effects of Roadway Lighting Systems                                      1996


Design / Build Projects  -  Legal Implications for the Engineer                                                   1995





Carl Shaflik has particular experience in the following technical areas:



Carl Shaflik has been an active member of ITS Canada for the past 15 years and keeps current with the latest in research and development of ITS.  In particular Mr Shaflik is active in ITS Canada’s foreign development section and has participated in several ITS trade missions to the Peoples Republic of China including the Hong Kong SAR.   

Carl Shaflik specializes in the research of ITS technologies and the design and supervision for the implementation and deployment of ITS systems.  In particular Mr Shaflik has been a major designer of the various Driver Information Display Systems throughout British Columbia, and a key team member, Engineer of Record, and Owner’s Engineer for the Trans Canada Highway (Vancouver Section) Traffic Management System.  Mr Shaflik is also a key development member for the British Columbia ITS Strategic Plan specializing in Advanced Traveller Information Systems (ATIS) and Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and in the Shanghai ITS Strategic Plan specializing in field systems. 

Carl Shaflik has most recently worked as the Foreign Traffic / E&M Engineer for the ITS and other related Traffic Engineering Systems on several expressway projects in the PR China.   

Carl Shaflik specializes in the field integration of ITS user systems such as CCTV surveillance systems, automated incident detection systems, dynamic message sign systems, and vehicle-to-roadside communication systems; and ITS support systems including mounting structure design, power distribution systems, and communication systems. 

Carl Shaflik has produced a technical paper which analyses the problems of field integration of ITS and other related highway systems and provides recommendations on efficient planning and design.  This technical paper is available on the Shaflik Engineering website at



Carl Shaflik has undertaken the design and construction supervision of freeway and expressway safety systems.  These systems include the safety aspects of roadway and area lighting, safety aspects of tunnels, the proper placement of signing, traffic signals systems, guardrails and barriers, and anti-dazzling devices.  Mr Shaflik has produced a technical paper regarding the efficient placement of detectors at traffic signals and how they affect the roadway safety of the installation.  This technical paper is available on the Shaflik Engineering website at



Carl Shaflik has been designing traffic signals for the past 25 years and has experience ranging from old style fixed time electro-mechanical systems to state-of-the-art traffic responsive computerized systems.  Mr Shaflik has designed and construction managed over 500 traffic signal installations throughout BC and internationally. 

Carl Shaflik has researched, designed, and construction supervised several interconnected and coordinated traffic signal systems including closed-loop systems.  Mr Shaflik has also designed over 100 traffic signals with some form of emergency vehicle or railway preemption and is experienced with all the major suppliers and manufacturers in the field.  Mr Shaflik has undertaken signal preemption and detector technology studies for several clients.

Recently Carl Shaflik has undertaken theoretical research and produced a technical paper regarding the proper location and placement of detector loops at intersections.  This technical paper determines that the proper physical placement of vehicle detectors can significantly increase the throughput and capacity of signalized intersections.  This technical paper is available on the Shaflik Engineering website at



Carl Shaflik has been designing roadway lighting for highways, freeways, bridges, tunnels, and municipal roads for over 30 years and has undertaken designs along major corridors such as the Trans Canada Highway, the Coquihalla Highway, and the Vancouver Island Highway.  Mr Shaflik is experienced in all forms of roadway lighting design, from major arterials and freeways to minor local and residential roads, including large interchanges and downtown urban centers. Mr Shaflik has designed and construction managed over 3000 roadway lighting projects throughout British Columbia as well as out of province and internationally, and has specifically undertaken the lighting design on several major bridges and tunnels .

Carl Shaflik is an active sitting member of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America Roadway Lighting Committee.  This society is the main engineering standards body in North America for the research and development of lighting engineering standard practices.  Mr Shaflik sits on the sub-committees for Tunnel Lighting, Environmental Affects (Light Pollution), and Spectral Effects.  

Carl Shaflik has produced a technical paper which analyses the effects of light pollution as produced by roadway lighting systems and provides recommendations on efficient design and mitigation methods.  This technical paper is available on the International Dark-Sky Association website at



Carl Shaflik has undertaken the planning, design, and construction supervision of highway guide signing systems and regulatory and warning signing systems for the past 20 years.  Signing designs have covered all types of highway systems from major and minor urban centers to rural and urban freeways and expressways.  Mr Shaflik has undertaken the recent development of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Highways signing materials and construction standards. 



Carl Shaflik has had direct involvement with design and installation of communications systems for various projects and was part of the team designing the SONET (synchronous optical network) system for the Trans Canada Highway Traffic Management Program.  Mr Shaflik has also construction managed the field infrastructure of several fiber-optic communication systems for transportation projects, including 360networks and Worldwide Fiber installation across southern British Columbia and northwest Washington State and the recent Jingzhu, Hurong, Hangjinqu, and Taigan Expressway Projects in China.  This infrastructure typically forms the backbone of freeway traffic management and tolling systems.



Carl Shaflik has undertaken the planning, design, and construction supervision for all of the standards electrical systems that support transportation engineering projects for the past 25 years.  These electrical designs include, but are not limited to, primary power distribution, secondary power distribution, and back-up UPS and stand-by power generation.


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