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·        Electrical Engineering Design

·        Construction Supervision

·        Project Management

·        Testing and Commissioning

·        ITS Architecture and Standards

·        Product Analysis and Procurement

·        Technical Training



·        Freeway Traffic Management Systems

·        Advanced Traveler Information Systems

·        Traffic Management Centers

·        Toll Plaza Infrastructure

·        Dynamic Message Signs

·        Priority Transit Systems

·        Weigh-in-Motion Systems

·        Road Weather Information Systems

·        Seismic Monitoring Systems

·        Closed Circuit Television

·        Communications Systems

·        Photo Enforcement Systems


Shaflik specializes in the research of ITS technologies and the design and supervision for the implementation and deployment of ITS systems.  In particular Shaflik has been a major designer of the various Driver Information Display Systems throughout British Columbia, and a key team member, Engineer of Record, and Owner’s Engineer for the Trans Canada Highway (Vancouver Section) Traffic Management System.  Shaflik is also a key team member for the development of the British Columbia ITS Strategic Plan, specializing in Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) and Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), and in the Shanghai ITS Strategic Plan specializing in field systems.  Both of these strategic Plans were developed in accordance with the latest Canadian and US ITS Architectures.

Shaflik specializes in the field integration of ITS user systems such as CCTV surveillance systems, automated incident detection systems, dynamic message sign systems, and vehicle-to-roadside communication systems; and ITS support services including mounting structure design, power distribution systems, and communication systems.

Shaflik has most recently worked as the Foreign Traffic / E&M Engineer for the ITS and other related Traffic Engineering Systems on several expressway projects in the Peoples Republic of China.

Shaflik has been an active member of ITS Canada for the past 10 years and keeps current with the latest in research and development of ITS.  In particular Shaflik is active in ITS Canada’s foreign development section and has participated in several ITS trade missions to the PR China including the Hong Kong SAR.

Shaflik has produced a technical paper which analyses the problems of field integration of ITS and other related highway systems and provides recommendations on efficient planning and design. 

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