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Shaflik has been designing traffic signals for the past 40 years and has extensive experience in traffic control systems design, including roadway traffic signals, lane control and counterflow systems and specialty traffic systems.

Shaflik has researched, designed, and construction supervised several interconnected and coordinated traffic signal systems in BC including Closed-Loop systems.  Shaflik has also designed over 100 traffic signals with some form of emergency vehicle or railway preemption and is experienced with all the major suppliers and manufacturers in the field.  Shaflik has undertaken signal preemption and detector technology studies for several clients.

Shaflik has designed and construction managed over 1000 traffic signals and related control systems throughout BC as well as out of province.



Shaflik has undertaken the planning, design, and construction supervision of guide signing systems throughout the province for the past 13 years.  Signing designs have covered all types of highway systems from major and minor urban centers to rural and urban freeways and expressways. 



Shaflik has researched and designed communications systems for various projects and was part of the team designing the SONET (synchronous optical network) system for the Lower Mainland Traffic Management Program.  The basic infrastructure for a future advanced communication system may be a requirement of the bridge project.  This infrastructure will form the backbone of a future traffic management system.

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